Who We Are

McOttley Holdings Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company under the laws of Ghana. The company is authorized to provide financial and managerial services to its subsidiaries operating in the areas of investment banking, real estate development, and providing loans to Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs).

McOttley Capital and McOttley Money Lending are licensed and regulated by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bank of Ghana respectively. The Company’s unparalleled growth attests to its revolutionary strategic management style, integrity of systems and involvement of rich calibre of consortiums and consultants working around the clock to make McOttley one of the strongest global brands.

Our global strategic alliances and network of both local and foreign renowned professionals add to our integrity as a preferred brand for you as we reach out to our clients wherever they may be!

Board of Directors

Dr Ken Kwaku

Board Chairman

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Richard Dugan

Group President

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Mr. Leslie Wayne

Board Member

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Maryke van Zyl

Board Member

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Captain (Rtd) Budu Koomson

Board Member

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Stock Market Price

AS at Sep 12, 2017
Share Code Closing Price (GH¢) Price Change (GH¢)
  AGA 37 0.00
  GSR 1.9 0.00

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AS at Sep 12, 2017
Share Code Closing Price (GH¢) Price Change (GH¢)
  CMLT 0.11 -0.01
  SWL 0.04 0.00

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GSE Stock Indices

Sep 13, 2017
2327.51 2047.39
Sep 12, 2017
2339.49 2065.31
-11.98 pts -17.92 pts

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AS at Sep 13, 2017
Currency Units Buying (GHc) Selling (GHc)
AUDGHS 1.00 3.519 3.5252
CHFGHS 1.00 4.5658 4.5726
EURGHS 1.00 5.2476 5.2509
GBPGHS 1.00 5.8243 5.8305
USDGHS 1.00 4.403 4.4074
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Commodity Market Index

AS at Sep 13, 2017
Commodity Old Price (USD) New Price (USD) Change
Crude Oil/bbl 51.49 55.6 4.11
Cocoa/ton 1952 1990 38
Gold/ounce 1311.42 1323.79 12.37
Coffee/lb 128.75 137.8 9.05

BOG Treasury Bill Rates

AS at Aug 29, 2017
Period Discount Rates Interest Rates
91 Days 12.7688% 13.1899%
182 Days 13.0201% 13.9267%
1 Year Note 0% 15%
2 Year Fixed Rate Note 0% 17%

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