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McOttley delivers with speed and extra-ordinary customer care, crowning it with a guaranteed satisfaction to our key stakeholders.

McOttley is here to fill the gap in the various sectors of her operations. Our Hallmark is empowerment and our DNA is Trust. We use our expertise to empower our clients, suppliers and other key stakeholders. We have our customers at heart and are obsessed with quality service and customer satisfaction.

We develop our products with our customers and stakeholders’ interest in mind. We listen to our clients; deliver tailor-made products and services to meet their needs and treat them with royalty. We guarantee customer satisfaction!

We believe that adequate information helps in accurate decision making hence we provide our customers and other key stakeholders with accurate, adequate, relevant and timely information with honesty to help them make informed decisions. We achieve this partly through our well-resourced Research Desk.

Board of Directors

Richard Dugan

Group President

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Mr. Leslie Wayne

Board Member

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Maryke van Zyl

Board Member

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Captain (Rtd) Budu Koomson

Board Member

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Stock Market Price

AS at Nov 27, 2017
Share Code Closing Price (GH¢) Price Change (GH¢)
  AGA 37 0.00
  GSR 1.9 0.00

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AS at Nov 27, 2017
Share Code Closing Price (GH¢) Price Change (GH¢)
  GGBL 1.92 0.00

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GSE Stock Indices

Dec 12, 2017
2531.78 2243.1
Dec 11, 2017
2523.95 2231.44
7.83 pts 11.66 pts

GH¢ Forex Rates

AS at Dec 12, 2017
Currency Units Buying (GHc) Selling (GHc)
AUDGHS 1.00 3.3349 3.3399
CHFGHS 1.00 4.4434 4.4458
EURGHS 1.00 5.1797 5.1834
GBPGHS 1.00 5.8795 5.8863
USDGHS 1.00 4.4104 4.4148
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Commodity Market Index

AS at Dec 13, 2017
Commodity Old Price (USD) New Price (USD) Change
Crude Oil/bbl 63.42 63.81 0.39
Cocoa/ton 1921 1860 -61
Gold/ounce 1251.33 1241.69 -9.64
Coffee/lb 119.35 136.4 17.05

BOG Treasury Bill Rates

AS at Dec 13, 2017
Period Discount Rates Interest Rates
91 Days 16.6644% 17.3888%
182 Days 15.2167% 16.4698%
1 Year Note 0% 16%
2 Year Fixed Rate Note 0% 17%

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